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From £440.00 London From £480.00 please phone or email us for Availability

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For funerals and ceremonial occasions, whether religious or non-religious, we offer services such as Memorial Videos, Tribute Videos, and Funeral webcasts. Our expertise lies in providing Funeral Live streaming solutions.

Offering private funeral live streams for effortless sharing with friends and relatives worldwide. Unlimited viewers, watch from anywhere in real time with a single click. A comprehensive funeral video service trusted by Funeral Directors, Celebrants, and Families. We handle Internet and power supply, ensuring high-quality live streaming of memorial/funeral services from any location, alleviating your concerns.

funeral videography prices

One camera live stream from


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One camera

plus travel, two hours from kent £60

Graveside/Crematorium £80.00 extra

Funeral Live Streaming

Two camera live stream from


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Two cameras

plus travel, two hours from kent £60

Graveside/Crematorium £80.00 extra

Check out sample videos or go to our blogs to see full live streams

live streams are in our blogs and samples are on our pages.

We use some of the best high quality audio and video equipment you can buy to give a more broadcast level look, we aim always to try and give you the best possible filming and audio.

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Funeral Videography services

Our base pricing covers single-camera service, with options for multiple cameras and venue rates.

For areas beyond an hour’s drive from our base in Ashford, Kent, the starting price is £480.

For locations over two hours from our Kent base, the starting price is £560.

Please contact us for precise requirements.

The cost of live streaming in the UK can vary based on service quality and equipment; avoid settling for subpar services.

We provide a PA system and large screen TV rentals.

Our premium Yamaha PA system is ideal for crowds of around three hundred, along with flat-screen TVs.

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Funeral Filming FAQ

Is it appropriate to film at a funeral? Absolutely, it has become quite common in our modern era where families are spread across the globe. This practice helps unite families without the need for long and costly travel. Our filming is discreet, ensuring minimal disruption to participants during the ceremony.

Filming the funeral service, burials, and cremations is a widely accepted practice that predates the pandemic. With numerous extended families residing abroad, it provides an easy way to partake in the ceremony.

Operating independently, we provide our own power supply and internet connectivity. Additionally, a personalised viewing page is created for you, offering a unique link for your viewing convenience.

Specialising in preserving cherished memories, we offer a unique opportunity to envision and capture your ideal farewell. At, we bring your vision to life through live streaming or expertly recorded ceremonies, immortalising these precious moments for your loved ones. Whether you choose live streaming or opt for high-quality recordings, we provide a snapshot in time that transcends borders.

Our end-of-life ceremony filming service is accessible globally, ensuring that no matter where you are, we can help immortalise your memories. Utilising top-tier cinema-grade equipment and talented filmmakers, we create visually stunning presentations for online sharing with your family and friends.

For detailed insights and support during this challenging time, reach out to us today. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the filming process, ensuring satisfaction with every aspect of capturing your service.

Though based in Kent, our expert consultation services extend across the UK, offering unparalleled support for creating lasting memories of your special moments.

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Funeral Live Streaming

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To ensure sustained quality in funeral video streaming, we utilise professional-grade services. Our bonded internet router merges multiple sources like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G to deliver a robust connection. While streaming quality can be affected by various factors beyond our control, rest assured that should any disruptions occur, we focus on restoring service promptly and aim to upload the content on the same day. Every event is diligently recorded to mitigate any unforeseen issues.

Our venture into Funeral Live streaming emerged from a lack of local funeral videography services. We are committed to delivering excellence regardless of the setting, be it a church service or graveside ceremony.

Live stream church funerals is available with the option to stream across various platforms simultaneously upon request, including Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Video Link for Funerals

Share the service exclusively with chosen viewers.

Hosted on a dedicated webpage with simple password protection, enabling precise control over who can access the Funeral Service or memorial.

Modern technology enables family and friends who cannot attend events to participate through funeral live streaming worldwide. Watch the live stream on any device – PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone, regardless of the operating system. Our webcast funerals from the UK reach a global audience.

On the event day, we usually arrive two hours early to allow sufficient time for preparation.

Religious or non-religious, does it make a difference?

No, we can cater to any preference for live-streaming funerals.

We are the trusted professionals in creating funeral videos.

Live streaming funerals enables remote attendance for those wanting to pay their respects to lost friends and loved ones. Acknowledging the emotional nature of funerals, we aim to ensure that our presence is respectful and unobtrusive, offering a way for those unable to attend to honour their loved ones from a distance.

On the day of the event, we typically arrive two hours in advance to ensure ample time for preparation. If access to the venue is not available at that time, we prepare outside and later move the equipment indoors. Following the event, the stream can be viewed post-event, with the option to download if desired.

Dignified. Expert. Cinematography Service.

These poignant and heartening moments can be shared globally – with those you choose to join in remotely.

Witnessing the event will create a sense of participation and support, almost as if you are physically present. Explore online funeral services in the UK and worldwide.

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