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The Importance of Professional Live Streaming and PA Systems

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Funeral PA Hire | Funeral Screen Hire

In today’s interconnected world, the way we commemorate the lives of our loved ones is evolving.

With families often spread across the globe, ensuring that everyone can participate in a funeral or memorial service has become a paramount concern.

This is where professional live streaming services and Public Address (PA) systems play a crucial role, offering a means to bridge distances and bring people together during these poignant moments.

At Funeral Filming, we understand the importance of every detail in planning and executing a respectful and dignified service.

It’s not just about providing a service; it’s about offering a seamless experience that honours the deceased while inclusively connecting family and friends, regardless of their physical location.

Why Choose Professional Live Streaming Services for Funerals?

The decision to include live streaming services in funeral arrangements is growing in popularity for several reasons:

Accessibility for Everyone: No one should have to miss the opportunity to say their goodbyes. Live streaming ensures that distance is no longer a barrier to mourning together, allowing remote attendees to participate in real-time.

High-Quality Streaming: Unlike DIY setups that may suffer from technical issues or low-quality output, professional live streaming ensures a stable, clear, and high-quality broadcast. This attention to detail ensures that remote attendees can feel as close to being there in person as possible.

Recording for Posterity: A professionally streamed service can be recorded and kept as a lasting tribute to your loved one. This allows family and friends to revisit cherished memories and moments of remembrance.

Enhancing the Experience with PA System Hire

While live streaming connects those who cannot attend in person, the quality of the on-site audio experience is equally important. This is where PA system hire becomes invaluable, ensuring that every word is heard, every note of music is clear, and the service flows as smoothly as possible.

Benefits of opting for a professional PA system include:

Clarity and Reach: Every eulogy, reading, and musical piece is an integral part of the service. A PA system ensures that these moments are delivered with clarity, enabling every attendee, whether near or far, to hear and feel part of the ceremony.

Professional Setup: Managing sound quality can be complex, especially outdoors or in large spaces. A professional setup takes the guesswork out of achieving the perfect sound, allowing you to focus on the service without worrying about technical issues.

Customization for the Service: Every service is unique, and a professional PA system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the ceremony, whether it’s accommodating a solo performer, a choir, or background music.

funeral videography prices

One camera live stream from


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One camera

plus travel, two hours from kent £60

Graveside/Crematorium £80.00 extra

Funeral Live Streaming

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Two cameras

plus travel, two hours from kent £60

Graveside/Crematorium £80.00 extra

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Check out sample videos or go to our blogs to see full live streams

live streams are in our blogs and samples are on our pages.

We use some of the best high quality audio and video equipment you can buy to give a more broadcast level look, we aim always to try and give you the best possible filming and audio.

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Funeral Videography services

Our base pricing covers single-camera service, with options for multiple cameras and venue rates.

For areas beyond an hour’s drive from our base in Ashford, Kent, the starting price is £480.

For locations over two hours from our Kent base, the starting price is £560.

Please contact us for precise requirements.

The cost of live streaming in the UK can vary based on service quality and equipment; avoid settling for subpar services.

We provide a PA system and large screen TV rentals.

Our premium Yamaha PA system is ideal for crowds of around three hundred, along with flat-screen TVs.


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Introducing Our Extra Service Options

To meet the growing needs for comprehensive and respectful funeral services, we have expanded our offerings. Beyond live streaming and PA system hire, we now provide additional memorial service enhancements such as flat-screen display hire. These screens can be used to showcase memories in the form of a photo montage or video tributes during the service, adding a personalised touch that celebrates the life of the loved one.

Final Thoughts

The loss of a loved one is a challenging time, and the details of planning a service can feel overwhelming. By choosing to work with professionals in funeral live streaming and PA system hire, you can ensure a dignified and seamless service that honours your loved one’s memory while inclusively bringing together friends and family, wherever they may be.

At Funeral Filming, we are committed to providing compassionate, respectful, and high-quality service to make this difficult time a little easier. To learn more about how we can assist with your funeral service needs.

In commemorating the lives of those we hold dear, it’s the small touches—like clear sound, high-quality video, and personal tributes—that create a service not just of mourning, but of celebration and remembrance.

Our offerings at Funeral Filming include specialist funeral PA hire and flat screen TV hire services, designed to cater to the specific needs of memorial services. These services ensure that eulogies and tributes are delivered with clarity and respect, allowing every word and image to resonate with attendees, whether they are present in person or joining from afar. Through the integration of high-quality audio equipment and vivid display technology, we facilitate a fitting tribute that honours the memory of your loved ones, ensuring a profound and inclusive commemoration.

Our Funeral PA Hire and Funeral Screen Hire services are tailored to provide an auditory and visual experience that ensures every attendee, whether in person or joining remotely, feels connected to the proceedings. Our state-of-the-art PA systems deliver clear, crisp sound throughout the venue, allowing every word spoken and every note of music played to be heard by all. Similarly, our funeral screen hire options offer a high-resolution display for photo montages and video tributes, making it easier for guests to engage with the service and remember cherished moments. By integrating our professional Funeral PA Hire and Funeral Screen Hire into your service, you create a more immersive and heartfelt tribute to your loved one.

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