Funeral Filming & Streaming

for funerals & other ceremonial events. All religions or non religious events

One to multiple cameras
Located unobtrusively at multiple angles

Established 20 years

Established over 20 years in Filming and photography based in Kent, we cover the whole of the UK.

Total Control

The viewing audience would be selected by you – you have total control.

Family and Friends

who are unable to be present at the event, but who wish to participate in some way, using this marvellous modern technology.

Electronic Platforms

Zoom, Skype many platforms to stream from privately

Private lists

only to those on your own private list

Modern technology


family and friends who are unable to be present at the event, but who wish to participate in some way

Multiple angles



up to 4 cameras at once, located unobtrusively, at multiple angles with separate sound

Why choose us……

We are a discreet small family run business, we totally understand that in these times, sadly we are unable to have as many people say farewell to loved family, friends and colleagues at their funerals.

Funeral Filming option to live stream to allow as people as you wish to attend albeit remotely eases the feelings somewhat. Funerals are emotional at the best of times so we want you to feel that we will not intrude just ensure that the people that are unable to attend can pay their respects without being there.


One camera filming

Respectful . Professional . Filming Service .

These moving and uplifting occasions can be shared anywhere around the world – by those whom you invite to tune-in. 

Those who view the event will feel almost as if they are there – taking part – and supporting you.

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A Funeral Live stream sample quality.

our options

Funeral filming : Many different things to consider


Backup Recording

Four Cameras

Separate Audio

Unlimited Viewers

Smartly Dressed

Private link

Single Camera

Professional Cameraman

Filming  options

Funeral filming/Funeral Streaming

How we connect Funeral Streaming

Bonded internet router? This is a connection that can use multiple sources to provide one fast connection. Using either ethernet, Wifi, 4G combined together to make one stable connection.

Streaming is based on many factors that can be out of our control, in the unlikely event, we do lose signal, or have technical issues beyond our control, we would rather concentrate on making sure you have good service and then upload directly that day after the service.
We record every event on camera in case any unlikely issues do occur.

The Day 
We usually turn up two hours before the event to get ready in plenty of time, if we cannot get into the venue that early, we would get ready outside then take the equipment in.
The streaming can be also viewed after the event with an option to download if you so wish.

Religious/non-religious does it matter?

No, we can accommodate whatever type of funeral you choose


My family used this company, Scott was very respectful and discreet. The filming was clear and sound excellent all the guests watching remotely said how good it was.

Our family were so upset not to be able to have all our friends and family to Dads funeral but huge thanks to Scott for live streaming so that as many people as possible could feel like they were with us. We were all so grateful.

The loss of my husband was tough enough but with Covid to not be allowed any guests was awful, having his funeral live streamed so our dear relations and friends could listen and watch made it seem less bearable. Thank you.

If you would like us to call you
Please leave the date and location of the service

Please content us at Funeral Filming to see how we can cover your bereavement.

Tel : 07512137261

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Scott Davey

Scott Davey

About the company.
I have been working in filming & Photography industry for over 20 years and we specialise in high end media, our main filming website can be viewed here SDimaging 

We constantly work with many companies to provide great media for whatever business type.

Government rules for Funerals and Covid

The Latest News & Updates

Covid rules on Funerals during the pandemic. Here is the direct .Gov link for Covid at Funerals 

While we are in this pandemic many of your relatives, friends etc. Are not allowed to attend the funeral this is why Funeral filming/Funeral streaming is so important people can attend remotely.