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for funerals & other ceremonial events. All religions or non religious events. Memorial Videos, Tribute Videos, Funeral webcasts. We are specialists in Funeral Live streaming.

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Established 20 years 

Church Funeral live streaming in Filming and photography based in Kent, we cover the whole of the UK. Live streaming Experts. Prices from start £440.00

Professional Live broadcasters

The Funeral Live stream audience would be selected by you – you have total control.
Professional funeral video

Family and Friends

who are unable to be present at the service, but who wish to participate in some way, using Funeral Live streaming technology.

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Check out our funeral videography prices. How much does filming a funeral cost?

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Prices are based on Kent and southeast London. . (please get in touch for exact pricing)

Funeral videographer London

All other parts of London and travel over an hours standard drive, from our base (Ashford Kent), is a base price of £480

Over two hours Driving from our Kent Base is £560

Other parts of the UK please enquire.

Church Funeral live streaming

We can also stream through multiple platforms on request. Examples: Facebook, Youtube, etc all at the same time.

Video Link for Funerals

Show the service to only the people you want to see it.

Setup up on one of our web pages with an easy password. Easy to control who you want to watch the Funeral Service, memorial etc.

Modern technology

 Family and friends who are unable to be present at the event, but who wish to participate in some way, Funeral live streaming all across the globe.  Watch the live stream on a PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone. Any operating system can see our Live broadcast.

Our Webcast funeral UK streamed to the rest of the world

Single or Multiple camera angles.

 Funeral streaming can be a one camera setup or many cameras switching between them, located unobtrusively, at multiple angles with separate sound, multiple mics if needed, to make sure you have the best sound possible, to live stream a funeral

Why choose us……

We totally understand the emotional upset caused by the passing of a loved one., That in these times, sadly you are unable to have as many people to say farewell to loved a one, family, friends at their funerals.

Funeral Filming options, for Funeral live streaming, allowing people to attend remotely, to pay their respects to friends and loved ones they have sadly lost. Funerals are emotional at the best of times, so we want you to feel that we will not intrude, helping people that are unable to attend to pay their respects without being there.


One camera filming

Respectful. Professional. Filming Service.

These moving and uplifting occasions can be shared anywhere around the world - by those whom you invite to tune-in. 

Those who view the event will feel almost as if they are there – taking part - and supporting you. Watch funeral online UK and the rest of the world.

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Our options

Funeral filming: Many different things to consider how to shoot a funeral video.

Can you film in a funeral? Yes, you can, we are very discreet and make sure that we do not disturb participants focus on the ceremony.

Is it rude to film a funeral? Not if you are discreet and have permission from the family and person giving the service. If they have asked for filming, it has become very common recently. Due to the pandemic.

What is the video at a funeral called? A memorial video. for people that did not manage to come to the service, or if a keep sake of the service was wanted.

HD Broadcast

Backup Recording

Multiple Cameras

Separate Audio

Unlimited Viewers

Smartly Dressed

Private link

Single Camera

Professional funeral video

How we connect Funeral video Streaming

Bonded internet router? This is a connection that can use multiple sources to provide one fast connection. Using either ethernet, Wifi, 4G combined together to make one stable connection.

Streaming is based on many factors that can be out of our control, in the unlikely event, we do lose signal, or have technical issues beyond our control, we would rather concentrate on making sure you have good service and then upload directly that day after the service.
We record every event on camera in case any unlikely issues do occur.

We started Funeral Live streaming as there were no funeral videography services near me at all. We aim to be the best no matter the location or service, in a church or graveside. 

Funeral video intro, the Day
We usually turn up two hours before the event to get ready in plenty of time, if we cannot get into the venue that early, we would get ready outside then take the equipment in.
The streaming can be also viewed after the event with an option to download if you so wish.

Religious/non-religious does it matter?

No, we can accommodate whatever type of funeral live streaming you choose.
We are the go to professional funeral video makers

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Funeral Live Streaming

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