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We can live stream and record all types of live events

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Musical events, Classical, School performances, Award shows and many more

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Live streaming or traditional filming. We can film from multiple angles with many cameras and many audio points.

Musical live streaming example.

A short clip of a recent live stream from a classical concert. The conductor commented how much better the sound was on the live stream compared to in the church!

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Private or multiple public streams

Live stream or traditional filming

FilmingĀ  options

Musical Events Live streaming

Single camera live stream

Multi camera live stream

Wireless and wired mics/sound

We can live stream to many networks at the same time or just one private link. Vimeo | Facebook | Youtube | Linkedin
Connecting with the audience wherever they are, using multiple camera points and audio, bringing the event alive.

Using Bonded routers for more guaranteed connection making sure your live stream stays live.
If you need your live streaming filmed from the side of a mountain or in a church in central London, we can have a stable connection for video and audio.

Connect with the Audience, next room or the other side of the world.

It’s just as easy to view the live stream wherever you are in the world, it can be put on a private webpage or played through social networks.

With plenty of options to capture that audience for now and in the future. Musical Events Live streaming and other events.

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