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Funeral Streaming is now important for honouring and celebrating the life of a deceased loved one. Technology has changed funeral services, providing comfort and support for grieving families, especially in tough times.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Funeral Streaming

In today’s world, technology helps connect people who are far apart. Live streaming funerals is a way for loved ones to say goodbye when they can’t be there in person. We are in the southeast of the UK.

We understand the importance of staying connected during important moments. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We offer services in the UK and worldwide so everyone can pay their respects, regardless of their location.

What is Funeral Streaming?

Funeral streaming allows people to watch a funeral or memorial service online. This way, they can participate in the service even if they are not physically present. It provides an easy way to access the live stream for people who are far away to still be part of the event, invited guests of the day can watch the broadcast at a later date or straight after the stream has stopped.

This service is crucial for those unable to attend in person. It provides them with a feeling of closure and presence. About ensuring everyone who wants to say goodbye can do so, no matter their location.

Why Choose Funeral Filming for Live Streaming a Funeral Service?

We specialize in funeral live streaming services, offering a discreet and professional service that respects the solemnity of the occasion. We use 4G Networks or satellite technology to offer high-quality live streams of funeral services globally. This has helped us become a leading provider in the industry.

Our services allow people from all over the world to participate in funeral services remotely. Our technology ensures that the live funeral is of the highest quality possible.

Live Streaming Equipment for Funerals

Our commitment to providing an, high-definition streaming experience is evident in our choice of equipment and technology. We utilize professional-grade cameras that are unobtrusive, ensuring the service’s integrity remains intact. Our 4G network setup provides a reliable connection for real-time broadcasting. This ensures that technical problems will not interrupt the service, giving peace of mind to users.

Coverage Areas

Although our base is in Kent, southeast of the UK. We cover most of the UK and offer our services globally. Our team can solve problems in different places so distance doesn’t stop you from connecting when it’s important.

If you are looking for a quality company to stream a funeral, look no further. We pride ourselves on a high-quality live funerals from start to finish.

Connect with Us

If you are in London or surrounding areas and struggling with distance during difficult times, contact us for support. Discover how funeral live streaming can bring you closer to the people you love when it matters most. Together, we can bridge the physical gaps and ensure that we deeply feel every farewell, no matter the distance.

funeral videography prices

One camera live stream from


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One camera

plus travel, two hours from kent £60

Graveside/Crematorium £80.00 extra

Funeral Live Streaming

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Two cameras

plus travel, two hours from kent £60

Graveside/Crematorium £80.00 extra

Check out sample videos or go to our blogs to see full live streams

live streams are in our blogs and samples are on our pages.

We use some of the best high quality audio and video equipment you can buy to give a more broadcast level look, we aim always to try and give you the best possible filming and audio.

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Highly recommend Scott and Funeral Filming. We found Scott through an online search. He was incredibly responsive and helpful and made the whole process very easy. Everything went very smoothly, and was organised at relatively short notice. We are very glad we streamed the funeral for those unable to attend in person, and would definitely recommend Scott's services to others. On the day Scott was very subtle and unobtrusive, which was important as some family members were nervous about privacy and filming on such an emotionally difficult occasion. Thank you Scott.
From the outset, Scott was fantastic. His response to our questions was always immediate. Throughout the funeral, Scott quietly and respectfully remained in the background. The filming and sound were clear and high quality as testified by all the family and friends who watched the livestream. It is so comforting to have a download of the funeral as a memento of the day. We highly recommend Scott's services.
Scott provided top quality equipment and the resulting video was exceptional in its quality - both visually and audio
So professional, and calm. He managed to work two cameras on his own, making smooth live transitions between the cameras. Watching the recording back afterwards, it is such an excellent live event, so well covered. One might worry about "tech issues" if one covered it onself, but this was thoroughly processional from start to finish.
Scott was very professional from first contact enquiry to delivering the live stream service. He responded to questions by email promptly and expectations were fully understood by us both. We had a live stream service for the Church and the burial at the cemetery. Both were clear sound and viewing and the funeral was fully captured. A good addition to include when there is a viewing break between the Church and travelling to the burial ground at the cemetery would be a screen display saying something like ‘ viewing will resume shortly with the burial’. This will enable viewers to know there is a part 2 to come. I would highly recommend Scott Davey and this live stream service, professional equipment used. A job well done!
My father was a very popular man and so with the challenge of limited seats in the Church, his sister being in Australia and opportunity to stream to those who couldn't attend the service, we were trying to find someone who could help! I found the link to Scott's website.

Scott couldn't have been more helpful, accommodating and professional. He was exactly the person we wanted to work with. He gave us confidence, with his extensive knowledge and experience.

Scott was punctual and respectfully dressed. He captured the Service beautifully and with the emotion. Stunning imagery and outstanding audio.

I highly recommend and please don't hesitate to contact him ☺️

Funeral Videography services

Our base pricing covers single-camera service, with options for multiple cameras and venue rates.

For areas beyond an hour’s drive from our base in Ashford, Kent, the starting price is £480.

For locations over two hours from our Kent base, the starting price is £560.

Please contact us for precise requirements.

The cost of live streaming in the UK can vary based on service quality and equipment; avoid settling for subpar services.

We provide a PA system and large screen TV rentals.

Our premium Yamaha PA system is ideal for crowds of around three hundred, along with flat-screen TVs.


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Planning a Funeral Live Stream with Funeral Filming

Step 1: Consultation

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your needs and expectations. We will discuss the service details. We will also discuss how much coverage you want. Additionally, we will address any special requests to ensure the live stream meets your expectations.

Step 2: Technical Setup

We handle all technical tasks, like setting up live streaming gear and providing a safe, private link for viewers. Our team works with utmost respect and discretion, mindful of the service’s sensitive nature.

Step 3: The Service

On the day, our professional team manages the live stream, allowing you to focus entirely on the moment. We ensure a high-quality broadcast that captures the service respectfully.

Step 4: After the Service

After the service, we provide you with options to receive the recording of the live stream. This can be a special keepsake for people who were unable to attend the event. It can also serve as a reminder for those who did attend and want to remember the memorial later.

Our mission is to ensure no one misses the opportunity to say goodbye. Funeral streaming allows people to connect with loved ones who are far away. It also provides comfort for those who cannot attend in person. Additionally, it allows everyone to come together to remember and honour the life of a loved one, it can be shared on social media if you so wish.

For more details on our funeral streaming services or to set up a meeting, please reach out to us. We are here to support you during these challenging times, offering a service that brings comfort when you need it most.

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us. If you have questions about our services, live streaming tools, or your needs, please reach out to us. We want everyone to be able to say goodbye, no matter where they are in the world.

We are a favorite of Funeral directors and get called on time and time again for our streaming services. 

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Satellite Live Streaming Services for Funerals

Funeral PA hire, Flat screen hire

Funeral Streaming Our Testimonial’s

We offer high-quality streaming services for funerals and memorials, providing a professional service during this difficult time. If family and friends are unable to attend a funeral in person, they have the option to watch it live online. Our internet connection enables them to access the service in real-time.

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