Funeral Live streaming and Traditional Funeral filming.

We do not just do Funeral live streams we can also shoot in the traditional way of recording in camera making the edit after the Funeral has finished, Giving the day a more edited look. We can add photos, videos, music, to your funeral film

We have many years of experience working in media, please check out our general website here We commercially fly large and small drones filming for businesses live stream horseracing, documentary filmmaking, commercial beauty filming and photography for companies all over the UK Our main Instagram for this is here

Our funeral live streaming services have really helped lots of people be together in a virtual form from all over the world.

Families and loved ones can be part of the Funeral Service now much easier than ever, due to streaming technologies.

Whether you need funeral live streaming or traditional Funeral filming we are here to help. Contact us at

Please check out our booking page for more details.

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