Funeral Live Streaming Tooting London.

Funeral Filming is committed to offering professional funeral filming and live streaming services. We recently had the privilege of providing these services at Our Lady of the Assumption in Tooting, London, followed by graveside streaming at Morden Cemetery.

Our Lady of the Assumption: A Modern Sanctuary in Tooting

Our Lady of the Assumption in Tooting, London, is a modern church building of simple and economical construction, notable for its practical design and welcoming atmosphere. The church was founded in 1963 in St Boniface, Tooting, and has since become a pillar of the local community. With its steel portal frame and walls of breezeblock faced with red brick, the church provides a modest yet dignified setting for funeral services.

PA Speaker Hire

We also supplied our premium Yamaha PA Speaker System and played various music during the service.
Our Speaker system can be used for Music and also microphones for use during the service if the venue does not have these facilities.


Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

282 Links Rd, London SW17 9EP

Funeral Filming London

Graveside filming London

Funeral Live Streaming Tooting London
PA Speaker

Morden Cemetery: A Place of Remembrance and Peace

Morden Cemetery, known as Battersea New Cemetery, is located in the Lower Morden area of the town of Morden within the London Borough of Merton. Established in 1891, the cemetery houses a crematorium and is known for its serene Gardens of Remembrance. The cemetery contains the war graves of 287 Commonwealth service personnel from both World Wars, adding a historical depth to the site.

Graveside Live Streaming London

We offer high-quality funeral filming and live streaming services, ensuring that family and friends who cannot attend in person can still be part of these important moments. Our team uses the latest technology and applies a sensitive approach to filming, ensuring a respectful and unobtrusive presence during the services.

Funeral Live Streaming Tooting London.

By choosing Funeral Filming for live streaming at Our Lady of the Assumption in Tooting and graveside streaming at Morden Cemetery, you entrust us to capture these solemn moments with dignity and care. Our services allow families to come together to honour their loved ones, preserving memories in a respectful and meaningful way.

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