Funeral Filming and Live Streaming at Durbar Hall, Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, East Sussex


Funeral Filming specialises in funeral live streaming services, offering a way to connect families and friends during times of mourning. We recently provided these services at Durbar Hall, located within Hastings Museum & Art Gallery in East Sussex, a venue embodying rich history and cultural diversity.

Durbar Hall: A Symbol of Cultural Heritage

The Durbar Hall, integral to Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, is a remarkable example of historical architecture and cultural integration. Constructed for the 1886 Colonial & Indian Exhibition in London and later donated to the museum, the hall was designed by Caspar Purdon Clarke and expertly crafted by Punjab artisans Mohammed Baksh and Mohammed Juma. Its history as a reception pavilion for the Prince of Wales adds to its grandeur and significance​.

Architectural Majesty for Memorial Services

Durbar Hall’s intricate design, influenced by traditional Indian palaces, presents a majestic backdrop for funeral filming and live streaming. The museum’s building, based at John’s Place since 1928, features a distinctive red brick with sandstone dressings, a crenelated roofline, and studded oak doors, enhancing the solemnity and dignity of funeral services.


Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

 John’s Place, Bohemia Rd, Hastings TN34 1ET


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Funeral Live Streaming Services East Sussex

At Funeral Filming, we understand the importance of capturing and sharing these poignant moments. Our funeral filming and live streaming services at Durbar Hall are designed to provide high-quality, respectful coverage, allowing those who cannot attend in person to be part of the service. We use state-of-the-art equipment and thoughtful positioning to ensure the filming is unobtrusive yet comprehensive.

A Venue with Historical and Cultural Depth

The museum and Durbar Hall have seen significant renovations and restorations, ensuring the preservation of their historical essence while adapting to modern needs. This balance makes Durbar Hall an ideal location for funeral filming and live streaming, offering a setting that is both respectful and awe-inspiring.

Choosing Funeral live streaming at Durbar Hall in the Hastings Museum & Art Gallery ensures a service that honours the memory of loved ones against the backdrop of this historically and culturally rich venue. Our commitment to quality and sensitivity in capturing these final farewells makes us a trusted choice for families in East Sussex.

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