How to live stream a funeral

How to live stream a funeral

A live stream service is an online service that streams live video on the internet. It is a cost-effective way to provide an online memorial service or funeral.

A live stream funeral can be used to provide a more personal and intimate experience for the family, friends and loved ones of the deceased.

Tips for Live Streaming a Funeral

Introduction: The Purpose of an Online Memorial Service

Live streaming a funeral can be a powerful way to connect people who cannot attend the service. For those who are unable to attend, it is an opportunity to feel the presence of the deceased and pay their respects.

A live stream is not for everyone, but for some people, it can be a great option. In order to decide if live streaming is right for you, you need to consider if your loved one would have wanted this service and what your goals are with the memorial service.

Live stream a funeral use a professional or shoot it yourself

Shooting it yourself is a cheaper alternative but it can be time-consuming and challenging to handle all the technical details, this takes you away from being part of the congregation.

In the end, it all depends on what you want and how much time you have to spend on shooting. it.

A professional video shooting service can be costlier than shooting it yourself but it has many benefits.

The cost of live streaming in the UK can vary a lot depending on experience and equipment used, we use some of the best equipment available.

Equipment to use for Funeral live streams

If you are shooting yourself then modern smartphones are the easiest cameras to use for occasional live streaming, Reasons why are you can directly stream to platforms like YouTube or Facebook live from your phone.

The negatives of this are you are relying on one internet connection either a mobile data connection or a wireless connection, with one connection it can not be very reliable with connections dropping very low, especially if other funeral guests are on the same networks.

When you use professional cameras you need to use an encoder to send the video and audio to streaming platforms.

Bonding router for funeral live streams

A bonding router is a type of router that can be used in the funeral live stream. . This can be used to connect multiple 4/5g data connections, also WIFI and cable connections all into one reliable connection. We use most of the UK networks on our bonding encoder.

It provides a stable connection for devices that are connected to the network.

In this way, the bonding router can increase the quality of video and audio streaming during a funeral live stream. by converting the video to a lower bit rate. An example is if the funeral is being streamed to the late person’s family, but they won’t be able to view it live because they live in a different country. The bonding router can reduce the bitrate and stream across borders with no issues. Multiple 4g connections can also be bonded together to improve the quality of a video stream.

Professional audio and video for funerals

Using a smartphone is very convenient but one of the biggest drawbacks is audio most of the time you are too far from the people talking at the service

Professional audio and video for funerals are an important part of the memorial service.

We use up to six audio inputs on a typical funeral service, either lapel mics on the person taking the service priest/Vicar etc so they can walk around and have perfect audio, then on the reading stands we have wireless microphones, plus singers etc.

We use the best wireless microphones on the market having tried cheaper makes in the past, they really suffer from interference from many things especially when the congregation arrives with phones etc.

Our most used audio is Sennheiser avx systems as they are the most reliable we have ever used.

Live Stream Your Own Memorial Service for Free with These Websites keywords: free live stream service website, free live streaming funeral service

There are several websites that offer a live broadcast service where you can stream an event without having to pay. These sites allow people to stream their own memorial services and gatherings. Some examples of these sites include Ustream, Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope.

The negative’s of free live stream platforms is if you are streaming what they think is copyrighted music, they can mute the entire service.

We mostly use Vimeo a paid premium service that is very reliable.

Conclusion & Wrap Up- How to Live Stream Your Own Funeral and Make It Meaningful

Recently, the trend of live streaming funerals has been on the rise for people who want to have a more meaningful funeral service.

The idea behind this trend is that it allows friends and family members to be present at the funeral service but not have to physically be there in person. They can watch from anywhere in the world, which means they don’t have to take time off work or book expensive travel plans because they can just log in from their laptop or phone.

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