Live Funeral Streaming in Ashford, Kent: Ashford Baptist Church & Bybrook Cemetery Services


Live Funeral Streaming in Ashford Kent

At Funeral Filming, we provide compassionate live streaming services for funerals, keeping families connected across distances. Our recent services in Ashford, Kent, exemplified our expertise, beginning with a ceremony at Ashford Baptist Church and concluding with a graveside service at Bybrook Cemetery.

Ashford Baptist Church

The funeral service at Ashford Baptist Church, a central hub in Ashford (St Johns Lane, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PS), renowned for its community spirit and diverse congregation, was live-streamed with utmost respect. Our technology ensured remote attendees felt integral to the memorial at this historic location, fostering a sense of unity​

Link for the Funeral Live Stream This is password protected.


Bybrook Cemetery

Our services then moved to Bybrook Cemetery (Cemetery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN24 9JX), known for its tranquil environment and historical significance, being the resting place of philosopher Simone Weil since 1928. The graveside streaming in this serene setting posed unique challenges, met adeptly by our team to provide smooth, high-quality coverage.

Personalized Streaming Experience

We personalized each streaming service, from selecting the best spots to film from at Ashford Baptist Church to managing filming the graveside service at Bybrook Cemetery, ensuring every aspect resonated with the families’ wishes.

Our live streaming services at Ashford, from the vibrant Ashford Baptist Church to the peaceful Bybrook Cemetery, demonstrate our commitment to maintaining connections during significant life moments, preserving memories, and honouring legacies.

At this funeral, we worked with the wonderful Albany Funeral Directors 

We have worked with Albany on many funerals in the Kent area.

Live Funeral Streaming in Ashford, Kent

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Live Funeral Streaming in Ashford, Kent: Ashford Baptist Church & Bybrook Cemetery Services 2

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